Spiders, Flip Flops, & Fortitude


These guys love the laundry room in the summer. Actually, the bathroom in general. These playful creatures often like to engage in games like: Hide-n-Seek, Tag, and my personal favorite…PEEK-A-BOO!  

They’re also little perverts. I’ve caught these “Peeping Toms” in the bathtub many times. Their favorite is to wait until you’ve closed your eyes as you rinse shampoo from your hair, sneak out into plain sight, and wait for you to open your eyes. Again with the games…SURPRISE! There was one I named Andre (the giant) was so good at this game I think I looked like the chick from the movie Fargo when she takes out the shower curtain trying to flee for her life.

The reason for this story is that my daughter, Tayler, was so fortunate to have met Andre (or his bigger brother) also while showering. She screamed for me to come play too.

T: “MOM!! Get it!” (Andre – the size of a fifth cent piece-is on the ceiling right above the shower head…Tayler in the far corner.)

Me: 😱 “Eff. No.”

T: (strangled whisper) “Mom…please…”
So I try to swat Andre with my flip flop, but I’m short – so I just kind of brushed him off the ceiling.


Me: “OH MY GOD TAYLER!! I’m so sorry! Use the water to get him down the drain!”

I hear sniffles.

Me: “Are you freaking CRYING?!”

T: “Yes…but it’s not in here with me.”

So now we’re playing Hide-n-Seek. I see Andre, on the shower curtain in front of my face. I don’t scream because…well, what if Andre jumps in my mouth? Fear makes people irrational. Don’t judge.

As I scrambled back in horror, Andre tried to play Tag. Once I saw he missed and landed on the floor, I felt it was safe to scream.

The bathroom door bursts open and Tookie quickly assessed the situation, “tagged” Andre and then tossed him in the toilet and walked out.

Tookie saved us, and Tayler finished her shower.

Tayler is currently in therapy at MCRD Parris Island, overcoming fear.