Tater Salad

Originally written May 29th 2013 probably because I couldn’t sleep, and Tayler was the last one I was thinking about at the time.

I love you, Tater Salad. Shall I count t ways? Just a few? Okay. (0:

I love your little freckles on your face. Every summer I watched new ones grow and now can say, “I told you so.”

I love your ears that you tried to hide, but now you wear messy buns and show them with pride. 

I love how I can open my mouth and no sound comes out, but we all hear the words, at The Littles, you shout.

I love how you think you can watch scary movies but watch through your fingers and mutter obscenities.

I love how in one breath you say what a jerk he can be, but write in your essays “I love Michael Lee.”

I remember fondly The Science Experiment. The one you placed second at school and third at the science fair…and really I just tricked you into combing your hair.

I love how you believe in German Cows. It’s red ones not white ones. Poppy and his onions…

I love how your face lights up when people say you look like me, act like me, or call you “Little Dee” but really sweetie you are so much more, you’ll see.

I love that you understand me, when even I don’t, or other people won’t.

I love that you are so clumsy. Walls jump out to bite you, sidewalks grab your feet and you even manage to bite your face when you eat.

I could go on forever, but the truth is I’ve run out of ways to be clever. 

Mommy loves you, for you, and all you do.