My name is Sue, how do you do?

My mother drove me crazy, but she always made me smile. 

My mother made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe, and I actually accidentally peed.

My mother loved “Led Robster,” and made the best “flied lice.”

Anyone, who is anyone funded her Bingo Bankroll with the purchase of an “eck loll.”

She cussed like a sailor. Well, maybe like a frustrated pirate of sorts. 

My favorites were “focking-head” and “sar-bitch!” (I never knew if that was supposed to be “sorry bitch” or “sonofabitch.”)

No matter, they still caused a lot of giggles and snorts.

She couldn’t watch WWE or football without screaming at the tv. Which, seriously speaking now, I wonder how she would be today? You know, if she turned on the news and listened to what POTUS had to say.

My mother came to the United States, and spoke very little English. She tried very hard. She worked very hard. 

She worked very hard to be able to say: “against all enemies foreign and domestic” (you small-handed prick.)

My mother came to the United States from Thailand. She died an American Citizen. I miss her very much. She was very social, she loved people, and thought most of my friends had learning disabilities or were deaf. 

She would tell them, “Every time I ‘spuh-eek’ you look at my daughter. What’s wrong with you?”

She would tell me:

Just be a good person.