Happy New Year!

I didn’t post any resolutions. I didn’t go out and I didn’t party. I spent a very warm evening at home with my husband (Hubs) and The Littles (Tookie and Ethan). Hubs and I watched tv celebrations, the year in review, and a couple balls drop. (Okay, that was very middle school.)
I got tired of watching crap people on tv thought was worth mentioning (although some things were pretty ‘cray’) and tired of listening to what they hope will be. The Littles played games and were “Netflixing/Binging”.
None of it mattered to me and it didn’t matter enough to Hubs for him to look up from Candy Crush…or as he calls it, “The Candy Crusher”.  This realization, along with categorizing ‘friends’ statuses of “promise to exercise, eat right, quit something, start something new,” etc. (not to discount genuine self-resolve) I started watching YouTube videos. It started with cooking (go figure) then on to canning, which led to watching “those crazy preppers”, which then led me to thinking about scripture (because there were a couple of doozies, lemme tell ya.) I call this “clicking”, when one thought leads to another, and then another. For me this happens in a blink of an eye. For everyone around me…I don’t worry about it. Eventually they’ll catch up.
My resolutions (in no particular order):
  • Daily blogging.
  • Find a way to apply scripture to my day as well as find the blessings, especially if I decide it was a bad day.
  • Be more involved in my community, especially with our children’s education.
  • Frugal living – share inexpensive, quick and easy meals for friends that try to feed families of 4+ on less that $350/month. (We have 6 in our household.)
  • Cover the dirt in our cellar with cement.
  • Learn how to can, dehydrate and store foods.
  • Build shelves for my food storage – in our cellar.
  • Build a solar oven.
  • In my yard I want: an outdoor kitchen, better clothesline, compost heap, herb garden, veggie garden, recycling bins on my back porch and build a wood rack for firewood.
  • Remodel our bathroom, ourselves.
  • Live one month, during the summer, without electricity at our house.
  • Save money and try to become debt free during this year.

Wish me luck! God bless you and your families in 2014 and always.


The Washing Machine

Laundry, the original ‘Never Ending Story.’

I suppose if I were in Fantasia I could simply wish the laundry done and it would be. Alas, this is not Fantasia and I do not have a Luck Dragon.  Have any of you watched ‘Never Ending Story’ with the captions on, just to figure out what name Sebastian yelled out the window? Never mind.

So back in May of 2013 the family traveled up to Colorado Springs for the Big Dog Brag . This is a nice little mud run that the kids and friends participated in. Not as difficult as the Spartan, by pleasant and fun and muddy.

Hubs decided to be a sweetie and wash all the laundry when we got back. I’m not going to argue, so I let him go. He’s better at staying on top of it since he doesn’t get distracted easily by things like…cleaning the rest of the house, doing homework, resolving conflict, grocery shopping and making dinner. It’s cute watching him wash, dry, fold AND put away all the clothes. (Back off ladies, he’s spoken for.)

However, the load he saved for last was everything the kids wore for the mud race. I wish I could follow his logic, but this time I have no idea what the hell he was thinking. All of the clothes in not rinsed out in the tub or outside first, just thrown in. Shoes too.

The washer wouldn’t drain. We have a Whirlpool Cabrio, which I have heard a lot of horrible stories about. Personally, I like it. I can wash my king sized comforter just fine and even our pillows. So I like it. I like it especially when it works, which up until yesterday it did not. We have been taking clothes to the Laundromat or family and friends’ houses. With six people in the family, four athletes with games twice a week, that’s a lot of dirty clothes.  That meant football equipment and volleyball gear needed washing, lest we invite ringworm and other nastiness. It’s gross, smelly and expensive.

I mentioned a couple times that I think the washer should be drained and taken apart. The part I was thinking needing replaced is about $150, not including tax and shipping. If it was the control panel, that was about $275 and I’d rather just buy a new washer if that’s the case. That’s not including labor cost if I decided not to do it myself.

I mentioned the washer again to Hubs and he said, “I know, Hon. I know…relax.”

Relax? He’s so cute. I’m a SAHM – I never ‘relax’.

Check me out. 

Started at 8:15 a.m. and finished at 4:00 p.m. Just in time to make dinner.


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