Why “Poo” Anyway?


Duongladdee – A gift from heaven.

My mother was Thai and that is what she said my name means. It’s not one word, a college student came up with the spelling – so you won’t find it anywhere else.
 “That’s pretty”, “neat”, ” unique”, “different”, and “interesting.”
Uh-huh…Having it butchered so horribly while I was growing up, I simply go by “Dee.”  It’s easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. Often assumed short for “Denise”, “Deidre” or “Deanna”.
Nope. Just Dee. Sometimes “Tenacious Dee” not to be confused with “Tenacious D”.
Secretly, I cannot stand being called “Dee” – it’s not me.


That’s me.  “Bpoo” is how you pronounce it. It’s Thai for crab. When I was a baby and started crawling, I crawled sideways and I was very quick. I also couldn’t leave stuff alone and was always grabbing something.  My father just called me Poo. (Like Pooh Bear)

That was my name growing up, honestly prefer, and miss hearing my mother yell.

I miss it very much.


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